Ever feel like a new situationship just turned into you walking into someone else’s “house rules” game of UNO? Yea, me too. 

For those who aren’t following that reference, let me explain. Every household has their own set rules for the card game UNO. Over the years, the game has had so many different rules, the UNO social media accounts, had to chime in and tell us how to “properly” play.

Honestly, sorry UNO, but I refuse to sit through a game where we cannot stack numbers or draw 2’s. You know how long that game takes, just drawing one card and putting down one card? 😡You know how much satisfaction you get waiting for someone to put down a draw 2, just so you can put down yours and make the next person draw 4? Man. Any who, back to my point. 

So when you walk into a new household and the game is being played, everyone has different ruleS. But when you combine different “house” rules, it just gets confusing and competitive. But anyone knows a good game of UNO, HAS TONs OF Laughs, yelling, and taunting-thats what makes the game worthwhile.

you following? Its my opinion that This is what the new standard of dating and situationships have turned into. Though fun at times, it can also turn into confusion and yelling-not fun!

Each “player”is using a hidden set of rules and no one is willing to compromise to COMBINE their own “house rules”. Here’s the thing, when you walk into something new, expectations should be set. There is no way we should be playing this game for years and years with no end goal. We are getting way too old to not be upfront with what we want from the other person. Instead, we want to play games and see what else is out there WITHOUT TELLING THE OTHER PERSON THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I am all for playing the field while still finding yourself and who the right partner is, however, both parties need to have set rules for safety, feelings, and peace of mind. 

If you’re not into a relationship and want to date other people, make it known. If you want to grow with this person, but still want to take things slow and y’all only talk to each other, make it known. Or whatever the case may be, make it known. You don’t have to follow societies rules of dating and relationships because it’s only you and the other person in it, however, you should make your own rules and stick to them or communicate when you’re not. Don’t pull out “Wild” cards because you think you can get away with it; it’s unfair and someone always gets hurt.